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Message from CZ SD Fundraising Committee

***We need your support***

Ba Dorood,

In the past few months, our small but growing community here in San Diego has seen a lot of excitement!

· Our education committee classes

· Our fun monthly get-togethers for adults

· Our Gahanbars with the cultural roots

· Our well-attended Nowruz “Did O Bazdid

Our goal is to upgrade this center to be state-of-the-art but we also want to preserve the integrity of its being a historic building. The Board of Trustees has supported us in the repair of our parking lot.

Below is a list of our immediate needs:

Installation of wrought Iron fence to protect our property.

Repairs of the stairs.

Replace and repaint the damaged siding of the building exterior.

Upgrade the Electrical panel and wiring.

Adding an HVAC system to this building.

Upgrade the audio/video system.

Design and build a Prayer room. (Niyayeshgah).

Payoff the loan before the interest rate triples up in November.

Our community proved that we can do big things. We did it last year in purchasing this awesome center.

Let us do it again this year. If all Zoroastrian families in San Diego contribute, we can make a center that we will all be proud of and call our second home.

We will plan for required upgrades based on the donations received from our community. Therefore early action will help our building improvement team to plan properly.

Please write the checks payable to the California Zoroastrian Center and add "San Diego Building Fund" in the memo.

Please provide your email address, Mailing address, and phone number along with the check.

We will deposit the checks in less than a week and provide a receipt for your records.

Please mail your check to the following address:

Dar yush Bastani, Far iborz Meh rshahi, Farh ad Ker mani

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