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Message from San Diego Board of Directors

On Saturday, April 29th, 2023, we hosted the Chehreh Maidiyazarem Gahanbar event at the Rustam Guiv building in CZC-SD, with around 100 community members of all ages in attendance. The SD-BOD would like to express its gratitude to Homa, Vida, and Mehrbanu Zartoshti for their sponsorship of the event and covering all associated costs in memory of their mother, Paridokht Mavandad Zartoshty.

We were honored to have Mobed Fariborz Shahzadi recite the prayers for the Gahanbar so beautifully.

Additionally, we would like to thank the following individuals who helped us with the preparation, set-up, and clean-up of the event.

Sohrab Sohrabi and Shirin Boustani for their efforts in shopping and preparing Aash

Kambiz Foroodi for all coordination and logistics

Homayoun Khosraviani, Parinaz Abyari, Zarin Timsari, Parima Sedaghat, and Homa Zartoshty for their hard work in preparing the food the day before the Gahanbar

Golnaz Behdin and her family for Sirog preparation

Homayoun Khosraviani for Halva preparation

Daryush Bastani, our skilled Master of Ceremonies, for delivering a beautiful speech that catered to all members of the audience by seamlessly switching between languages

Afshin Khosraviani for donating the parking signs

Shahriar Ravari, Mehrnoush Hirbod, Kambiz Foroudi, Pedram Akhtarkhavari, Sohrab Sohrabi, Kavous Kont, Sam Shirmardi, Siavash Shirmardi and all other volunteers for food distribution and final clean up

We would also like to thank our Event Committee for their tireless efforts in coordinating and arranging this event.

What made this event unique was the participation of individuals from our Parsi community. It has been a while since we have seen them, and it was wonderful to celebrate this event together with our Parsi brothers and sisters.

Furthermore, we would like to extend our gratitude for your generous donations towards the Gahanbar. Your contributions will help us continue to celebrate this important tradition and bring the community together.

Bonnie and Hooshang Karani: $100

Golbaei Shahriari Kalantari in memory of Shirin Behmardi Kalantari: $100

Parisa Ourmazdi and Payman Kavoosi $100

Manijeh Pouliot: $120

در روز شنبه، ۲۹ آوریل ۲۰۲۳، ما مراسم چهره میدیازارم گاهانبار را در ساختمان رستم گیو سان دیگو برگزار کردیم و حدود ۱۰۰ نفر از اعضای جامعه در تمام سنین در این مراسم شرکت کردند. ما از هما، ویدا و مهربانو زرتشتی برای حمایت از این رویداد و پرداخت هزینه های مربوطه به خاطر مادرشان، پریدخت ماونداد زرتشتی، قدردانی می کنیم

یکی از مواردی که این رویداد را منحصر به فرد کرد، شرکت افرادی از جامعه پارسی بود. مدتی است که آنها را ندیده بودیم و بسیار خوشحال بودیم که با برادران و خواهران پارسی خود این رویداد را جشن گرفتیم

علاوه بر این، ما باید از شما بابت کمک‌های خیرخواهانه به گاهانبار قدردانی کنیم. این همکاری‌ها به ما کمک می‌کنند که ادامه‌ی این رسم و رسوم مهم را ادامه دهیم و جامعه را به همراه بیاوریم.


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