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Youth Committee

The mission of the Youth Committee is to work toward creating a safe and supportive environment for Zoroastrian teenagers and young adults via a broad range of events, activities, and programs throughout the year.

We strive to empower our youth to develop leadership and interpersonal skills in order to create strong social and professional networks among Zoroastrian youth. 

Additionally, we will work towards helping the youth in our community to establish closer connections with their heritage, roots, and Farhang.

The committee prioritizes the creation of a group consisting of youth members (between 14-35 years old), who will in turn plan, coordinate, and execute any and all Youth Committee programs. 

The Youth Committee invites participation from young community members 18-35 years old to help execute its mission.


Parshan Khosravi


Anahita Hormozdyari


Khodarahm Partovi


Payam Goshtasbi


Pouyan Pooresfandiari


Parmida Behmardi


Atria Jamshidi

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