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Education Committee  Membership Policy

Every two years Education Committee accepts new members if it is necessary; number of members shall not exceed Seven. Following are Education Committee membership requirements.


1. Members must be Zoroastrian and member of California Zoroastrian Center.


2. Members must be parents of kids who are currently attending or have attended any of Persian/Avesta/preteen/Teen classes.


3. Members must commit to be active participant for at least one year.


4. Members are required to be in Markaz during the time classes are in session.


5. Members are required to attend Education Committee meetings, there is a mandatory meeting once a month; number of meetings per month will increase if necessary; all members are required to attend at least %70 of meetings, this includes off school time meetings as well.


6. Members are required to be familiar and show willingness to learn current technology for communication if necessary.

7. The duration of members shouldn't exceed by 7 years.


8. The teacher of CZC Amoozesh classes can't join the Amoozesh group.

9. As a member you must have time and desire to participate in any of following tasks:

• Find teachers for our Persian classes if applicable


• Teach the Avesta class using the provided Avesta Text


• Help in Persian/Avesta/preteen/Teen class registration and make sure all class materials (book, etc) are provided on time.


• Substitute for any teacher in their absence.


• Work with teachers to make sure our class environment is suitable for maximum learning.


• Arrange program for Mehregan, Sadeh, Nowruz, graduation celebrations and winter camp.


• Help with Teen group projects.


• Actively think of ways to create fun programs for our youth.


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