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CZC is a well established and respected organization in North America. It is also a helping hand for the Zoroastrian Community. Individuals needing assistance with medical problems, or having difficult times; helping students through the CZC scholarship programs; promoting the Zoroastrian religion through religious education materials, classes and programs; providing the structure for improving our community togetherness, only to name a few projects. Please consider making a contribution towards the various CZC Funds, CZC needs your continued support and donations.


May Ahura Mazda bless you.

The California Zoroastrian Center (CZC) is recognized by IRS as a non-profit charitable religious organization. CZC will send you an IRS accepted receipt for any amount of donation. Donations to CZC are TAX DEDUCTIBLE for personal and business taxpayers.

Federal Tax ID Number: 95-3691165

CZC would prefer donation totaling more than $1000 to be made by check.

Please make the check out to CZC and mail to:

8952 Hazard Ave,

Westminster, CA, 92683

To direct your donation to a specific use, please select a cause. You can also specify additional information in the “Add a note” field which appears on the Review page.

Your donations are completely secure and private. CZC does not collect or keep any personal information, including credit card details. All donations are directed through a secure industry-standard SSL encryption layer via a secure payment gateway. You will receive an acknowledgment email with details of your donation.


Please note that sometimes this email may be delivered to your Spam folder. 

Donations made through credit cards may take up to 3-5 business days to complete. 

Donations may be one-time or recurring, and you may specify the frequency of the recurrence. Recurring donations already set up may be canceled or revised as needed.


There are many ways to offer your support, and love by joining CZC committees.

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