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CZC-OC Education Committee

The California Zoroastrian Center Education (Amoozesh) group originated in 1997 in Orange County. The main goal of this group originally was to provide Persian classes for Zarthushti students. Over years this goal has evolved to provide an environment where our kids will learn about their heritage, culture, history, and religion as well as the Persian language.


The CZC classes are now provided for the 5-18 age groups. Classes meet every Sunday from September through June. We do observe official U.S. holidays as well as the Persian New Year holiday. We also have a graduation day in June where we give out certificates of completion to the students and appreciate our teachers.


-Educating our new generation with the Zoroastrian Religion to preserve and promote our religion and culture in America
-Educating our new generation about Persian history, culture, and customs
-Teaching Avesta to our children to prepare them for Sedrepooshi
-Teaching them Farsi Language as well as Persian proverb and literature
-Providing an opportunity for our children to get to know each other by involving them in group activities such as celebrating our religious and cultural events like Mehregan, Sadeh, and Norooz or planning other extracurricular activities to engage our children 
-Improving student's self-esteem, social skills, and teamwork by having them participate in community projects and volunteer works


* Education Committee Members:

  • Shokoufeh Farahzadi

  • Bita Yazdani

  • Mehrnaz Ezzati

  • Mojan Bekhradan

  • Nikta Namdaran

  • Linda Goshtasbi

  • Vista Kushesh

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