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Policy for attending the CZC-LA Classes

Zarathushtrian Studies in CZC-LA strives to provide a safe, inclusive, and loving environment for its students and their families.

Our policies for students are based on the teachings of Ashu Zarthosht and the three pillars in the Zarathushtrian religion:

Therefore, students are encouraged to follow the path of Asha (righteousness) and practice:

  • Good Thoughts

  • Good Words

  • Good Deeds


They are encouraged to:

  • Be kind

  • Be inclusive

  • Be a good citizen

  • Respect their teachers and classmates

  • Come to class with a good attitude

  • Be positive


Staying true to self and staying on the path of Asha is the way to happiness. Once one is happy, he/she can bring happiness to others.

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