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Essay Contest for Youth

2019 California Zoroastrian Center
Essay Contest

“Is it ever Okay to lie?”

If it is, when and in what situations? How does it relate to Zarathushtr's teachings (in the Gathas)?

Dear Contestants.

Thank you for participating in the 2018-19 Essay Contest. 

Hoping you have enjoyed analyzing the topic, have taken something positive from participating in the Essay Contest, and liked the competition enough to participate in future years.

The following checks were performed before the essays were accepted:

  1. participant age was checked

  2. content was checked for plagiarism

  3. essays were assigned a random number to be sent to the judges anonymously

  4. 5 judges who have a good understanding of the Gathas and Zoroastrian religion received the essays via email .

  5. set guidelines were provided to the judges for uniform and standard grading so everyone is graded on the same scale.

It has been very exciting to receive many great essays from all over US and Canada.

Here are the final results:


First place with a total of 467 points is Ms. Azadeh Hormozdiari from Tarzana, CA

Second place with a total of 434 points is Ms. Farnaz Behdinan  from Northridge, CA

Third place with a total of 430 points is Ms. Mantra Roointan from La Cresenta, CA

This year an honorable mention is awarded to Ms. Nazanin Iranzamini  from Anaheim, CA with a total of 427 points.

A check will be mailed by March 15th to the appropriate contestant for:

$300 to the first place contestant

$200 to the second place contestant

$100 dollars to the third place contestants

$50 dollars to the contestant with honorable mention


The essays of first, second and third place winners will be published in the Chehreh Nama Magazine.

2018-19 Essay Contest

Sponsored by

Ms. Parimarz Firoozgar


Endorsed by:

California Zoroastrian Center in Los Angeles 


Supported by:

Chehreh Nama Magazine


Special thanks to

our five judges, the teens that helped in picking this year’s topic, Ms. Parmida Behmardi for designing our flyer, and Mr. P a r v i z  M a n o o c h e h r i for designing and maintaining our webpage.

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