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Core-Education Committee,

A subcommittee of California Zoroastrian Center in

Los Angles (CZC-LA)


Core-Education Committee offers Zarathushtrian Studies, and Persian language classes for youth, in addition to Sedreh Pooshi classes for all ages.


Sedreh Poushi Preparation: for more information email



Zarathushtrian Studies classes:



Introduction to Zarathushti Culture


Pre-K to Kindergarten (3-5 years old):

Teacher: Ms. Farangis Hakhamaneshi


This class familiarizes the youngsters with the Zarathushtrian religion and the  major Persian celebrations through songs and interactive projects.


Principles and Practices of the Zarathushti Religion

Grades 1-3

Teachers: Ms. Afsoon Abadian

This class introduces a couple of the Zarathushtrian prayers such as “Yatha Ahu” and  “Payman e Din’ in addition to covering some of the cultural and religious celebrations and beliefs.

Introduction to Persian History and the Gathas

Grades 4-5

Teacher: Ms. Anahita Khadem

This class includes Persian history, introduction to the main concepts of the Gathas, and cultural celebrations.


Zarathushtrian History, Religion and Culture

Grades 6-8

Teacher: Ms. Artemis Javanshir

This class includes such topics as  Persian history, Shahnameh stories, and Zarathushtrian beliefs and celebrations.

Mindfulness Practices and In-depth Discussion of Principles of Zoroastrianism

Grades 9-12

Teacher: Shabnam Moobed

This class will cover the main concepts of the Zarathushtrian religion and it’s an implication in the students' daily lives.


Persian Classes:

Persian Readiness

Teacher: TBA

6-7 years old


Students will become familiar with Persian language through stories and coloring of the Persian alphabet and other art and craft-related exercises.


Persian 1-4 classes are limited to 8 years of age and above or at the teacher’s discretion.


Persian 1

Teacher: Azita Afshari and/or Golshad Afshari


Students will learn the Persian alphabet up to letter “p” in the first-grade Persian book in addition to numbers 1-10


Persian 2

Teacher: Shahrzad Foroodi


Students will learn the Persian alphabet up to letter “zh” in the first-grade Persian book in addition to numbers 1-20


Persian 3

Teacher: TBA


Students will learn all of the Persian alphabet and will start learning about the seasons and days of the week in addition to numbers 1-50.


Persian 4

Teacher: Sahel Javanshir 


Students will finish reading of Persian 1 book and start Persian 2 book in addition to numbers 1-100.


Guidelines for Persian 1-4 Classes:


  • After each class, a report of what the students learned and what they need to do at home for the following class will be reported to parents via email, telegram, etc. per teacher’s preference.


  • The instructional book will be provided for purchase at the time of registration.


  • Homework is at each teacher’s discretion.


  • At teacher’s discretion, a time will be set aside to practice speaking Farsi


  • If a student misses three classes during the school year, he/she will be dropped from the class unless otherwise decided by the teacher.


  • A test prepared with the collaboration of all teachers will be given during last class to each grade level.  If the student passes the test, they can move on to the next level during the following school year.  If the student does not pass, he/she will have another chance to retake the test one week after the first test was given.  If the student fails again then that student needs to take the test at the beginning of school year with the new Farsi students for a placement evaluation and will be placed according to his/her Farsi level. If the student passes at the mentioned time, he/she will be given a certificate of completion for the level completed the previous school year.


  • A passing grade is 70% (14 points out of 20 points).


  • At the time of graduation ceremony, the students who are moving to a higher class level will be given a certificate of completion and those who were not able to pass the test and need to retake it with new Farsi students at the time of registration the following school year will be given a certificate of attendance instead of a certificate of completion during graduation ceremony.


  • New students will be accepted on the first and second day of classes only unless approved by the teacher. 


The minimum age to register for Persian 1-4 classes is 8 years or by teacher’s approval. Youth under 8 can register for Persian Readiness class.

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