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A report from - Senior Activity Committee (SAC)

The San Diego Zoroastrian Senior Activities Committee is pleased to announce that our first event was a huge success.!!!

We had about 35 young at heart people attend our fun-filled morning to inaugurate the new Zoroastrian Center in San Diego.

We started the day with tea, coffee and sweets followed by a meet and greet.

Parizad Boozorgchami then led the Tai Chi experience which was welcomed exercise. Participation was great! Thank you Pari!

Other activities includedfor games of backgammon and ping pong.

Things wound down with a drawing for door prizes for all!Attendees were able to pick their prizes. It was a wonderful time! Old Friends, New Friends all enjoyed the opportunity to chat and catch up.There has been so little interaction for years. What a welcomed get together!

We are hoping to make this a regular monthly event. It would be awesome to have everyone 55+ from San Diego and beyond to attend.

Stay tuned for additional details.

Ba Sepas,

Daryush, Ashkan and Homayoun

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