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Community Connect

Throughout our past few years of service to the community, both our Board of Directors and our proactive committee members have received wonderful questions concerning a wide array of tasks and activities. Our commitment to addressing these inquiries has always been strong. However, we've come to realize that many of these questions could benefit other members as well. As a result, we are excited to introduce "Community Connect" a new segment in our newsletter, dedicated to fostering active communication within our community. We will carefully select one or more questions to feature and provide comprehensive responses. We firmly believe that this initiative will enhance our transparency and prove to be a valuable addition to our newsletter.

How much was the final total price of our new Center?

We purchased the property for the total price of $1,965,000 Escrow was closed in October 2022 after the down payment of $936,000 was collected.

How much is the mortgage and monthly payment for the amount of the loan?

We are glad to announce that with the strong support of our community, California Zoroastrian Center has paid off the amount of the loan in August 2023 and there is no mortgage payment associated with our center.


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