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CZC San Diego Special Announcement

An Exciting News

August 2023 UPDATE

Dear members, We are thrilled to share some amazing news that has brightened the journey of our San Diego Center. The whole process has been full of surprises and wonderful news, and today, we are happy to announce another great achievement. We are delighted to inform you that Mr. Rashid Mehin, a supporter of our vision to establish a permanent center in San Diego, has increased his donation to a higher level. With great appreciation, Mr. Rashid Mehin has generously donated an additional $150,000, raising his total contribution towards the building to $250,000. This is remarkable news that shows the power of collective dedication, passion, and faith.

As an esteemed previous CZC Board of Trustees member, Mr. Mehin's dedication to the California Zoroastrian Center is proof of the impact that a single person can make when motivated by a deep belief in our Zoroastrian religion.

In honor of his exceptional support, the main hall of our Rustam Guiv building will now be officially named the "Rashid Mehin Main Hall". This name will always be a tribute to his remarkable generosity and faith in our community.

As we stand together in this incredible journey of success and growth, let us remember that it's the collective spirit of commitment and generosity that enhances our faith and follows the path of Asha, for both present and future generations. With each step we take, we carry the gratitude and aspirations of every member of our community.

Stay tuned for more updates, stories, and celebrations as we continue this amazing journey together. Thank you, Mr. Rashid Mehin, for your extraordinary support and for being an exemplar of commitment.

Hamazoor Bim,

Board Of Trustees

California Zoroastrian Center


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