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CZC SD Building update

What an absolutely fantastic experience it is to receive and share an abundance of good news! Just a few days ago, we proudly announced the realization of Mr. Behram Baxter's generous donation, successfully collecting a total of $301,000 dedicated to vital improvement and repair projects. This accomplishment reflects the remarkable generosity of our community and their commitment to making a positive impact.

Today, we are overjoyed to announce yet another remarkable development: the complete payoff of all outstanding loans! This achievement is made possible by the wise decision of the CZC Board of Trustees, showcasing their full support and bravery in guiding our organization towards greater heights.

On behalf of the San Diego Board of Directors and all our members, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to the CZC Board of Trustees for their visionary decision. This uplifting news serves as a powerful motivation, inspiring us to wholeheartedly pursue our mission of bringing positive change to the communities we serve.Together, we are making a tangible difference, creating a brighter and more promising future for all. Let this incredible momentum carry us forward as we continue to work together in building a stronger community for everyone. Thank you all for your dedication and unwavering support!


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