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CZC SD Outstanding effort!

In the journey towards the successful completion of our renovation project, we have been fortunate to collaborate with various contractors and individuals whose dedication deserves recognition and appreciation. Among them, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to:

Mr. Fereydoun Goshtasbi: Fereydoun has been a pillar of support right from the inception of this project. His commitment and volunteerism were evident from day one when we acquired this building. Fereydoun took it upon himself to upgrade the power panel, a significant and costly undertaking that required immense dedication. With his dedicated crew, he invested considerable time and effort, commuting between Orange County and San Diego, often sacrificing weekends and Sundays. Through a complex approval process with the City of San Diego and SDGE, he persevered and finally succeeded in energizing the new system. It's important to note that all funding associated with the main panel, two local panels, wiring between these panels, and the labor costs were generously donated by Fereydoun. We are deeply grateful for your remarkable contribution, Fereydoun. Your commitment has been instrumental in making this project a reality.

As we continue to progress towards our renovation goals, we recognize and salute the unwavering dedication and generosity of individuals like Fereydoun Goshtasbi, whose contributions form the very foundation of our success.


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