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CZC SD Outstanding effort

Last but not the least, is a familiar face who's been quietly making our center an even better place to be. You know him as our buddy from the Gahanbar events – Mr. Kambiz Foroudi. But did you know he's also a wizard when it comes to all things electrical?

After a long day at his regular job, Kambiz swings by the center like clockwork. He's like our own superhero, scouting for things that need fixing. Then, like magic, he shows up the next day with all the gear and fixes things up, making the place look even more amazing.

Kambiz is a senior electrical pro. He installed the new local panel (provided by Fereydoun Goshtasbi), He replaced all EXIT and emergency lights, and even managed to create extra storage space by shuffling around those electrical conduits in the crawl space.

Let's give a big shoutout and a massive thank you to Kambiz. Seriously, you rock! Your skills and dedication are turning our center into something truly special. Keep being awesome.


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