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CZC SD Outstanding effort!

We've had an incredible journey buying, fixing up, and decorating our beautiful center. Seriously, the whole process has been a blast. We've been there through the ups and downs, and it's been a rollercoaster of emotions that we're just so thankful to have experienced together.

We've been trying our best to share all these awesome moments with our community, but some things are just too good to put into words. This has not stopped us from trying!

Now, here's some awesome news we want to share. Our very own artist and graphic guru, Mr. Shahram Akhtarkhavari, has completed a massive project. He's been putting his heart and soul into this oil painting of our Ashu Zartosht, reflecting our unique San Diego character.

This stunning artwork is going to be the spotlight of our center. Positioned behind Mr. Abadian's beautiful fire chalice, Shahram's masterpiece receives a warm and enchanting glow.

We're totally convinced that our community is going to enjoy our upgraded center. Big shoutout to Shahram for being an absolute rockstar and showing our community so much love and support.


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