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Message from San Siego Board of Directors

San Diego Board of Directors hosted a Gahanbar/Did-O-Bazdid celebrating Nowruz at our Guiv Zoroastrian center in Pacific Beach San Diego. This event was one of the most well-attended celebrations to date in our new center which was attended by upward of 170 people.

The event was filled with ceremony and celebration:

Mobed Fariborz Shahzadi and Mobed Ashkan Bastani performed the year-end Gahanbar. Raiti Ravari on behalf of the board of directors welcomed the audience and thanked all the volunteers who supported us throughout the events and in the end encouraged everybody to become a CZC member.

Our children performed a beautiful Nowruz act and dance performance which was well received.

Far had ker mani gave an update on our fundraising activities and the fantastic result so far. He also gave a passionate request for every San Diego Zoroastrian to participate in this worthwhile cause.

Board members, Jal eh Fra mrose, Far iborz Me hrshahi, and Ra mak Ra hnemoon presented two of the Board of trustees who were instrumental in assisting in the construction of the San Diego center Mr. Hoo shang Far ahmand and Ar deshir Bag hkhanian as well as a key member of our building improvement committee, Rostam Akhtarkhavari for his dedication and technical expertise in parking lot design and improvements.

Our audience was mesmerized by the amazing performance of the Del Navazan Daf ensemble under the leadership of maestro Masih Saal Afzoon. This Daf group of 10 travels from Orange County to perform unforgettable traditional music for our audience.

The unique participation of our youth in this event was one of the major highlights. They supported us for the entire food and selling stations independently. We are proud to announce that their flawless operation and high level of accountability during the process were incredible.

At the conclusion of the event, MC Dar yush Bas tani thanked all parents, the Board of Directors, the Event Committee, and two awesome volunteers, Af shin Khosra viani and Pa yam Khor ramshahi for their help with audio and video equipment, for their dedication and hard work.

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