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Message from SD Board of Directors

We had a successful educational presentation on Zoroastrianism that we arranged for the students at Grossmont College. The presentation was held on Saturday, May 6th, in response to their request for information.

The presentation was expertly prepared and delivered by Mr. Shahrooz Ash, who drived long distance and shared his knowledge and insights on Zoroastrianism with the attendees. The 2-hour presentation was followed by an engaging question-and-answer session, which allowed participants to deepen their understanding of the subject matter.

We had 15 students participate in the event, and we are pleased to report that the instructor expressed their satisfaction with the arrangement and the quality of the presentation. They have even requested that we host similar educational events in the future.

We always appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the academic community and share our resources about the core of our religion and culture. We believe that by educating ourselves and others about Zoroastrianism, we can help make our world a better place to live.


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