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Report from Building Improvement committee

Building Improvement Committee has been working tirelessly on major as well as minor improvements to our new Rostam Guiv Dare-Mehr.

With your support and the support of CZC-Board of Trustees, we have completed the process of improving our parking lot. We are in process of improving the building shell and painting the exterior of the building. We have made some structural improvements and also created a large storage area in the crawl space.

As a result of Mr. Baxter's donation of $50,000, we will be installing a wrought iron fence and gates at the perimeter of our property in near future. There will be beautiful emblems (representing our heritage) mounted on several locations all donated by Mr.Behnam Abadian. This will drastically improve aesthetics and will provide additional security.

We are in process of upgrading the electrical service from 100 Amp to 400 Amp. This work (labor and material) will be gifted to our community by Mr. Fereydoun Goshtasbi and his family. We sincerely appreciate this wonderful gesture from the Goshtasbi family.

Our team has been looking for the best value for our dollars by obtaining several quotes from different contractors before selecting the winning contractor. We have been directly supervising the work ourselves to eliminate the need to hire a general contractor and hence saving supervision and overhead costs. We will try to utilize local Zoroastrian businesses as much as possible to obtain the best work for the least cost.

Our team is dedicated and committed to continue to provide much-needed improvements to our center. We have so many other projects coming up in near future. To name a few; construction of a beautiful prayer room, new HVAC (heating and cooling) system, new Audio system, Security system, improvements to interior finishes, …….

In order for our team to continue these improvements, we need your help. Please donate generously to CZC. It is your donations that have made all this possible. It is your donations that will enable us to continue transforming this historical building to become a model historical building with state-of-the-art infrastructure.

We trust our hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed by our community. We have received nothing but positive feedback and praise from our members and even our neighbors.

The fundraising committee has informed us of an exceptional opportunity that will double our budget for future improvements. Your donation dollars will be matched by a local Zoroastrian businessman, Mr. Behram Baxter. Please take advantage of this opportunity and help us reach our goal in half the cost and time.


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