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The Building Improvement Fundraising - 01

We need to raise $150,000 to maximize the matching donation by Mr. Behram Baxter

The Parsi Community is strong and thriving in California. One of their most prominent members has offered to help with the upgrading of the newly acquired center in Pacific Beach.

This person is none other than Behram Baxter. He has been helping Zoroastrian organizations throughout North America grow and be noticed. His generosity is exemplary. He has decided to become an integral part of our improvement project in San Diego.

He has generously made an initial $50,000 donation towards the building improvements which are already in progress with no strings attached!!

He is proposing a challenge to the larger Persian and Parsi communities. He will match members’ donations up to $150,000.

In a very short period, San Diego Zoroastrians have accomplished what most thought were going to be impossible.

We as a community can come together one more time and show that anything is possible when we all work towards the same goal. Many of our building improvement are either done or in the planning stages.

Here is what our building improvement committee has accomplished so far:

Purchasing additional chairs

Parking lot concrete

Temporary fencing to protect our property

Other projects under consideration include:

Stairs repair

Exterior painting

Installing permanent fence

Electrical upgrades

Signage for building

Stage upgrades

Stage and windows curtain

The addition of a Prayer Room

Providing the HVAC system

Upgrading the Audio/Video system.

Additions to restroom

As always, we truly appreciate your support towards this growing, vibrant community. We look forward to seeing everyone at our events in our beautiful new center

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