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The Sports Committee

The Sports Committee is responsible for overseeing all sporting activities of OC center


The mission of this committee is to provide a fun, instructive, and positive sporting environment where members of the center can learn sportsmanship and the fundamentals of various sports, along with other life skills that are consistent with the teachings of our faith. The program aims to give as many parents and Amoozesh students the opportunity to both learn and participate in a variety of sporting experiences and no one shall be excluded from participating on any team due to the inability to pay the required fees.


Sports Committee members must be an active member in good standing of the Center. 

The current Sports Committee members are:

1. Gita Jamshidi Kalantari (Volleyball Coordinator)

2. Armin Salamati (Volleyball Coordinator)

3. Arash Zahabi (Soccer Coordinator)

4. Baback Mehr (Soccer Coordinator)

5. Shabnam Pakseresht (Fundraising)

6. Jamshid Jamshidi (Fundraising)

7. Ashkan Zahabi (Fundraising) 

8. Behrouz Mehr (Fundraising)

9. Par viz  Man ooch ehri (Registration)

10. Jahangir Mehr (Registration)

Should you have any inquiries please contact us by

Following are the responsibilities of the Sports Committee:
  1. Coordination with the office and management

    • Keeping stock of previous and current years’ sports goods

    • Place order for sports goods on basis of quotations procured

    • Arranging the venues for sports events

    • Drawing plans for various sports

  2. Consultation with the BOD

    • Obtaining permission to hold sports events in the center or outside gym

    • To conduct intra-oriented sports events/Tournaments among CZC localities or other Z communities

    • To obtain sanction for Entry/Registration Fees to participate in various sports events

    • To maintain attendance of participants who participate in sports events

  3. ​Develop and maintain a program that promotes a variety of age-appropriate sporting experiences for as many youth and participants as reasonably possible

  4. Make a concerted effort to attend and participate in all sports committee meetings

  5. Actively volunteer for various program activities

  6. Become knowledgeable of and follow all appropriate committee rules, policies, guidelines and regulations, bylaws, to the best of their ability

  7. Maintain appropriate communications with other committee members, coaches, parents, and players

  8. Sorting out any sports related issues (team selections, objections, quarrels etc)

  9. Taking follow up of Annual sports contribution


We appreciate and welcome any contribution dedicated for sport committee activities. Donations are tax-deductible

If you are interested in donating to the sports cause, please call CZC office 714-893-4737 or contact one of the fundraising team members


Waiver Forms

All participants should sign and submit applicable waiver forms

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