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CZC San Diego-Rustam Guiv Center update

We need to raise $276,280 to pay off the loan.


The new CZC-San Diego, Rustam Guiv Center is already hosting some amazing activities! When we sit back and see how much has already been accomplished, we are amazed! It is refreshing that so many groups have already started organizing activities and using the center. We see the potential for so many more great activities! Let us keep the progress moving!

If you had said a year ago that we not only collected enough donations for the down payment on the center but only need $276,280 more to pay off the entire loan, most people would have said that it could not be done. Well, here we are. Together we did it!

Now that we own the center, it is time to work on improving it and increasing the potential for even more activities. We hope to make it classy, more inviting, and able to host a variety of activities for the entire community. Young, old, and in between.

Everyone, please continue to support the center. These are our goals that need your help supporting:

A. Pay off the principal on the loan as quickly as possible to beat the deadline when the interest rate will triple.

B. Make needed improvements to the interior and exterior of the building to better fit our needs and showcase our center.

C. Fund the building of a beautiful Atash-Kadeh prayer room for the center.

D. The center badly needs improvements to the parking lot.

E. Additional tables and chairs are needed for events.

Together we can do this!!!!

Professional volunteers are always welcome to help with these improvements.

Remember that donations could help you on your taxes. Do not forget to deduct your 2022 donations on your taxes this year. Also, donate now to help on your 2023 taxes. We still have the hall naming rights for $300,000. Support your Zoroastrian Community and Ensure your family’s legacy.

We are excited to announce that we have received generous donations from:

Neekandish from San Diego (Anonymous) $51,000

Please reach out to anyone on the Fundraising Committee, Board of Trustees or Board of Directors if you’d like to discuss naming rights.

Donations collected for this phase: $692,720 (Previous donations) +$51,000 (This period subtotal) = $743,720

Total donations so far (Phase 1 and Phase 2): $1,530,578

Please let all your friends and family know that we still need their support and donations to fulfill our mission.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!!!!!!

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