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CZC SD Construction update

Center will be closed in the month of August

We're excited to share the latest progress on our projects:

Prayer Room: The construction of our prayer room is near completion.

Stage: The stage is set for elegance, curtains and borders arriving on September 15th.

Stage Lighting: Stage lighting is complete.

Cooling System: Two AC units installed, with room for more if needed.

Landscaping: Our outdoor area is now beautifully landscaped.

Main Hall: There is ongoing painting in main hall.

Parimarz Javanshir Hall: Transformation begins soon with a commemorative plaque.

Entrance door: Our main door has been repaired now. It is so beautiful and ready for installation.

Kitchen: Kitchen is under renovation.

Restroom: We will start restroom renovation soon.

Power: The electrical main panel energized, providing 400 amps.

Audio/Video: Audio/Video system upgrade is in progress.

Stay connected for more updates!

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