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CZC SD Outstanding effort

Let us use this opportunity to recognize the exceptional dedication of Mr. Kavous Kont, an active CZC member and part of our event committee. As you know, Kavous has been awarded the contract for some of the construction and repair works, including the concrete works at entrance, prayer room, stage, main hall, kitchen and restroom areas.

Kavous has exceeded expectations by generously enhancing our space beyond his contract obligations. Notably, he has personally upgraded the kitchen's floor and walls with beautiful ceramic tiles, and replaced countertops and sinks. Moreover, he took it upon himself to remodel the women's restroom, adding an elegant touch with beautiful tiles.

These contributions were entirely voluntary and showcase his commitment to our community.

He is doing his best to ensure our project is completed by the target date of September 15th.

Let's extend our heartfelt appreciation for his generosity and dedication during this construction phase.

Thank you, Mr. Kavous Kont, for truly embodying the spirit of unity and going the extra mile for our center!


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