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Daaf Class

Instructor:Masih Salafzoon

To sign up for the class Here

Masih Salafzoon was Born on September 1984 in Iran, Shiraz, he grew up in a family whom admired and loved music. He started learning music at the age of 13 with Tonbak. His Master, Navid Afghah and Mohammad Reza Kavari got him started and taught him the beginners and mid-level teachings of Tonbak. He continued with Master Bahman Rajabi who taught him the more high level techniques. At the age of 16 he started learning Daf and in one year he was able to have his own students and teach them Daf and Tonbak. He had many concerts with groups such as Chakameh, Chaghaneh, and Audio and Video group in Tehran, and Fars Province. Masih also holds a BS in Industrial Management and continued to complete his MBA in Iran. He Followed his dreams and his path to USA in 2011 and got his Masters degree in Health care administration from National University of the United states. He has been teaching since 2002 and has had many students of Tonbak and Daf. His goal is to teach music and help students learn and enjoy playing Persian Percussion Instruments of Daf and Tonbak. He currently has more than 30 students all across California state, from San diego to Orange County and Los Angeles, and has many online students from across the world, such as Europe, and middle east. His students age range from 5-75 years old. His goal is not only to teach Daf and Tonbak but to teach healing with music, his goal is to teach how to enjoy music, how to live with music and heal with music.

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