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ZYNA Kicks Off 6 Dar-E-Mehr Bus Tour in San Diego

Updated: 2 days ago

Over 24 youth from all parts of North America gathered here in San Diego to kickstart the first ever Bus Tour of its kind here in North America. Over the next four days these youth and young adults will visit the 6 Dar-E-Mehrs in California. Besides the CZC San Diego Dar-E-Mehr, stops include the ZAC LA Dar-E-Mehr, CZC Dar-E-Mehrs in Westminster and LA Valley, the PZO & ZANC Dar-E-Mehr in San Jose and will end with the visit to the SZA Dar-E-Mehr in Sacramento. The entire trip is planned and organized by ZYNA, Zoroastrian Youth of North America, FEZANA’s Youth and Young Adult Arm and has the support of every local association they visit along the way.

The below two images are from yesterday evening when the group made the first stop at the CZC San Diego Dar-E-Mehr, the newest Dar-e-Mehr in North America !!

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