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Short Story Contest for Youth

Results of 2020 Short Story Contest (Ages 13-18 years)

It is a pleasure to announce this year’s Short Story Contest top three entries.

First Place: Yekta Hormozdiari from Tarzana, California

Second Place: Zeyus Spenta from Vancouver, Canada

Third Place: Azadeh Hormozdiari from Tarzana, California

Honorable mention: Anosh Irani from Sugar land, Texas


The first place short story will receive $300, second place $200, third place $100 and the honorable mention $50.

The Short Stories will be published in the FEZANA Journal, one at a time starting with the 2021 Summer edition.



Please give a few weeks for your checks and certificate to arrive in mail.



Our thanks to Fatane Farid Fund for sponsoring the 2021 Essay Contest, Ms. Parimarz Firoozgar our 2021 Short Story Contest sponsor, our wonderful judges, Ms. Parmida Behmardi for designing our flyers, Chehreh Nama and FEZANA Journal editors for their support, and all of you for encouraging our youth to participate and spread the word about the contests.



Looking forward to the 2022 Essay Contest starting in September 2021 with the topic:

"According to the Gathas, can one be a Zoroastrian without a belief in God?"

The 2022 Essay Contest will be for 14-18 year old's.

Wishing you health and joy,
Artemis Javanshir
Essay/Short Story Contests Organizer


“Spenta Mainyu, progressive mentality is promoting spiritual and/or material improvement at a personal, family, community, or global level.  This can be achieved by one or many individuals.  Write a story centered around the main character or characters using Spenta Mainyu”.


Short Story are accepted to the deadline on Jan 15, 2021

Short Story must be 1000--2000 words in English. MS Words format only.

The contestant must be 13-18 years of age


To submit your Short Story, you must go to online submission section and follow the required steps or email your Short Story to along with your

1)full name, 2)email address, 3)phone number, 4)mailing address, 5)gender, and 6)birthdate.


Confirmation of receipt of story will be in the form of an email within 48 hours of submission.


Entries must be received via email no later than Jan 15, 2021 (23:59 pacific time).


First Place: Certificate and prize of $300

Second Place: Certificate and prize of $200

Third Place: Certificate and prize of $100

* All prize winners will be announced on March 15, 2021 on this website

* Certificates and prizes will be mailed to the winners on March 20, 2021

For further inquiries concerning the Short Story Contest for Youth, please contact

By submitting you agree for short story Contest organizer to publish your short story in any desired form

Endorsed by



Sponsored by

Parimarz Firoozgar


Special thanks to

Our Judges & Ms. Parmida Behmardi for designing our flyers

& Parviz Manoochehri for designing web pages

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