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CZC  San Diego

Mission & Statements

Our CZC San Diego community is finally going to have a place of their own to meet, teach, pray, dance, learn, and build.

There are so many events, classes, etc. that we were unable to have because we didn't have a place of our own to hold events


It is so important for everyone to support this dream and become involved in every way. To make this dream come true for this generation as well as ones following, we need to be a community of kindness and support each other, developing a stronger united community. 

History & Background

Below are a mere three examples of our efforts to purchase a building for our Zoroastrian Community in San Diego.

Our first attempt in buying a center for San Diego Zoroastrian Community was in November of 2008.  Mr. Rashid Mehin found a church property located at 260 South Las Posas Road in San Marcos.  He initiated an open house and worked with CZC to open the escrow.  Many community members saw this location and there was a general assembly in San Diego.  After much research and discussion, it was decided that there is a future plan by City of San Marcos to expand Las Posas Rd which may infringe on our proposed property therefore, the Escrow was cancelled.

We found an office building in Escondido couple years later.  Again, most community members approved the purchase and once again, due to lack of funding and the possibility of not having Conditional Use Permits, no purchase was made.

After much search a commercial property located @ 12657 Poway Rd was found. A number of the BOT members found it be suitable.  Escrow was opened again in April 2017.  Much to our dismay due to disagreements about its location being near a busy street, the price and lack of enthusiasm, we had to withdraw our intent to purchase.  

The search continued and many more office buildings, churches and land to build on were considered with no positive outcome. 

Having gone through so many different properties, finally we have one that the vast majority of members agree would be a wonderful purchase.  They see the potential and understand the need. 

This building is a place for our community to grow. We can’t continue to ignore the needs of our San Diego families. 

The San Diego Community has been searching for a place to gather for so many years.  They have finally found a place that will give them the much needed place to flourish.  It is time to give the community a fighting chance.

Proposed building

CZC center - San Diego

1721 Hornblend St, San Diego, CA 92109

The historic building known as Pacific Beach Women's Club since 1911. This is an iconic building in pacific beach.

The current use category of the building is assembly and entertainment uses including places of religious assembly.

Building Size: 3,528 SF

Including entry hall, meeting hall, stage, and kitchen


Lot Size: 9,371 SF

Including attached open parking lot

Pacific Beach is an active neighborhood by the beach, popular among young individuals. Trendy restaurants, hotels, and casual cafes. The neighborhood is very tourist-friendly with minimal sensitivity of crowd and large gatherings.