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Orange County Committees

Welcome to the Orange County committees page.  Here you will learn all about the various subcommittees that contribute significantly to our community.  Click on each image to learn more.

School Kids



The CZC Orange County Education group began in 1997 with the main goal of providing Persian classes for Zarthushti students. Over the years our mission has evolved to provide an environment where our children can learn about their heritage, culture, history, and religion as well as Farsi.



The Event Committee is made up of 14 community members. They are responsible for event planning, fundraising and various other programs.  Click to find out more.

Dates and Cups
Teen Braces



The mission of the Youth Committee is to work toward creating a safe and supportive environment for Zoroastrian teenagers and young adults via a broad range of events, activities, and programs throughout the year.



Gahanbars  are six seasonal thanksgiving festivals or high feasts when Zoroastrians assemble to eat and share food communally. Click to find out more.

Tambourine Playing
Marathon Participants



The mission of this committee is to provide a fun, instructive, and positive sporting environment where members of the center can learn sportsmanship and the fundamentals of various sports, along with other life skills that are consistent with the teachings of our faith.


Women's Committee

Women’s committee focuses on the participation of women in CZC events, and programs that will enhance the advocacy for women’s advancement.

Women in Black Shirts
Guitar Close Up


Art & Music

CZC Art Group’s mission is to instill in our community a love of the arts, provide our youth and adults with excellent art courses at an affordable price, give them the skills and confidence to perform and present their work, and provide high-quality programs for events and festivals.



Technology Committee provides expert guidance for CZC to develop, incorporate and integrate new technologies for various CZC processes and functions. Technology group covers a wide range of technology areas, including but not limited to: computers, copiers/printers, broadcast by phone, bulletin, video, sound systems.

Electronic Wires


Public Relations

The Public Relation (PR) is a committee of California Zoroastrian Center organized in 2020

Working closely with BOD to preserve and promote the universal message of Zarathushtra

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